Bridging Loan Calculator
Loan Requirements
Amount Required - How much money would you like to borrow from us? This is the value before any charges are added.
Term Required - What is the longest time you will need the loan for?
Properties Used as Security
Property Value - What is the market value of the property you want to use as security?
Mortgage Balance - Is there any mortgage left on this property? If so, how much would there be at the time you would receive your loan?
Add Property
Rates and Fees
Interest Roll Up or Pay Monthly
Rolled Up Interest: The interest accumulated each month will be added to the loan value and will typically be paid of all at once when a property sells.

Pay Monthly: A payment will be made at the end of each month, part to cover the interest and the rest to pay towards the loan amount.

Calculator Instructions

1. Loan requirements: Tell us how much you would like to borrow and the maximum amount of time that you would need this for (the minimum for this term is 1 month). If the loan is paid of early, then interest is only charged up until the day it is paid of. In the case the loan is paid of in the first month however, the interest for the first month will still be charged.

2. Properties used as security: Tell us the market value of the property you would like to use as security and how much mortgage it will have at the time you are planning to receive your loan. Multiple properties can be use by using the ‘add property button’.

3. Choose Roll up or Monthly interest: The majority of our bridging loans come with interest rolled up, meaning the interest charged is added to the loan balance each month. 'Roll Up' interest is the default setting, but you have the option to switch to paying monthly if you prefer to settle the interest charges at the end of each month. Please be aware that for regulated bridging loans, rolling up the interest is required; paying the interest monthly is not available.

The figures generated are a guide only and should not be relied upon as an accurate quote. Please contact us via our online application form or call 01482 968600. Your dedicated loan advisor will be delighted to provide you with detailed terms.

Calculated Results
£0, over Months at 0.55%
Total Costs
Net Bridging Loan Amount Net Bridging Loan Amount - This is the amount that is to be borrowed with no extra charges or interest added. £ 0
Monthly Interest Rate Monthly Interest Rate - This is the amount of interest that will be charged each month to the loan balance. 0.55%
Lender Facility Fee (2%) Lender Facilitry Fee - This fee is calculated as a percent, shown in the brackets, of the net loan and is added to the balance. £ 0
Net Loan Plus Facility Fee Net Loan Plus Facility Fee - This is the Net loan and facility fee added together. £ 0
Average Monthly Interest Monthy Interest - This is the average amount that will be charged each month due to interest. £ nan
Interest if Loan Runs Full Term Interest if Loan Runs Full Term - This is the full amount of interest to be paid if the loan runs for the full term. £ 0
Gross Loan Gross Loan - This is the total amount from the net loan, total interest, and lender facility fee. £ 0
Loan To Value (LTV) Loan To Value (LTV) - Percentage is calculated by dividing the amount of the loan plus any remaining mortgages by the purchase price of the property. nan%
Redemption Amount at Full Term Redemption Amount at Full Term - If the loan runs full term this fee is an approximation to clear the loan facility. £ 40
Other Costs
Valuation Fees Valuation Fees - This is the approximate fee that covers a full valuation of the property being used as security. This can be reduced if an existing, desktop or drive by valuation is presented and is adequate to the lender. £ 0
Lenders Administration Fee Lenders Administration Fee - This covers the lenders administration fees, the value shown is typical, but it can vary. Most lenders do charge this fee. £ 145
Estimated Lender Legal Costs Estimated Lender Legal Costs - This is to cover any legal costs the lender will have in order to set up the loan. £ 720
Telegraphic Transfer Fee Telegraphic Transfer Fee - This covers the cost lenders are charged for sending proceeds of the loan to their solicitor, they claim this charge from their clients. £ 25
Redemption Administration Fee Redemption Administration Fee - This covers the cost the lenders charge to remove their charge over the security property. £ 40
Exit Fee (0%) Exit Fee - Some loan plans require an exit fee, most of our plans do not charge for this. £ 0
Packager and Broker Fees Packager and Broker Fees - Majority of brokers and packagers charge an extra fee, we do not charge for this. £ 0
Month Interest Gross Loan Early Settlement
The figures generated are a guide only and should not be relied upon as an accurate quote.

Bridging Loans

What is a bridging loan?

Bridging loans are short term lending typically used to fund a property purchase whilst waiting for another property to be sold, upon which clearing the bridging loan.

They are also used for many other reasons, including:

Our extensive panel of lenders is made up of the bridging providers who provide the best terms and offer the most competitive interest rates.

Bridging loans can be secured on all types of property

We provide both regulated and unregulated bridging loans.

Bridging loans are either regulated or unregulated depending on what type of property is being used as security.

Properties that you or your immediate family live in, have lived in or plan to live in, are classed as regulated and must be written on a regulated loan agreement.

Loans secured against investment and commercial property are classed as unregulated, so are written on an unregulated basis.

Please call us to discuss any bridging requirements you have, or request a call back

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