Debt Consolidation Loan Calculator
Please list below the items of credit and other debts that you would like to consolidate:
Item to Clear - What is the type of item that you would like to clear and who is it with; Santander credit card, Barclays loan ect.
Balance - How much would it cost to clear this item?
Monthly Payment - How much do you pay in monthly payments for this item?
Add Another Item to Clear
Total Balance of all Items
Total Monthly Payments
Loan Requirements
Additional Funds Required - Do you require any extra funds from us that you would like added to this loan?
Total Loan Amount - This rounds the total balance of all items to the nearest £100 and then adds the additional funds required on top.
Property Used as Security
Value of Your Home - What is the approximate market value of the property you would like to use as security? We use property for all our debt consolidation loans.
Your Mortgage Balance - Is there any outstanding mortgage or finances secured against the property you would like to use?
Financial Details
Credit History
Please select one of the following options to indicate your credit history:
Good – No County Court Judgements or defaults within the last 6 years, and no mortgage arrears for the past 2 years. Other credit obligations have been consistently paid on time, with only occasional late payments.
Average – While there are no current mortgage arrears or County Court Judgements, there might have been in the past. There may have been occasional late mortgage payments within the last year, but none within the last 3 months. Additionally, there might be some instances of late or missed credit payments.
Poor – This category is for individuals with current arrears, missed credit payments, defaults, County Court Judgements, and mortgage arrears.

Calculator Instructions

1. Item to clear: Firstly, enter the item you would like to clear, it may help if you put the name of both who the debt is with and the type, e.g. Santander credit card. Then in the balance box, the amount of money it would take to clear this item. Finally in the monthly payment box, how much are you paying each month due to this item. You can add in any type of bills or debts that you wish to.

If you have multiple items to clear, then us the ‘add another item to clear’ button. If you have multiple, then the total balance and total monthly payments will add up automatically as you go along. If at any point you decide to remove an item, select the bin icon to do this. When you have listed all items, consider carefully if you want to get rid of these all at once. For example, you may have an item that has an interest free time period that would be better to keep until the offer is over.

2. Additional funds: If you require any additional funds on top of the amount required to clear your debt then enter that amount here.

3. Property Details: The estimated value of your property should be entered in the ‘Value of your home’ box and the outstanding mortgage in the ‘your mortgage balance’ box.  This is important as our debt consolidation is secured on your property. Loan to value (LTV) will determine the interest rates available. A lower LTV will provide lower interest rates.

4. Credit History: please select the credit history option that applies to you the most, this will determine the plans available to you.

This calculator is kept up to date and designed to provide a detailed guide to the interest rates and charges, plus other costs, associated with taking out different sized secured loans through ourselves. The calculations are based on a variety of scenarios, including loan amount, term, age, a credit history guide and loan to value.

The figures generated are a guide only and should not be relied upon as an accurate quote. Please contact us via our online application form or call 01482 968600. Your dedicated loan advisor will be delighted to provide you with an immediate decision and detailed terms.  

Calculated Results
Current Debt
Total Balance Outstanding Total Balance Outstanding - This is the amount of outstanding debt you wish to write off with us, rounded to the nearest £100. £ 0
Current Total Monthly Repayments Current Total Monthly Repayments - This is the amount currently being paid each month in repayments. £ 0
New Loan
Additional Funds Additional Funds - This is the amount of additional funds you would like to raise with us. £ 0
Total Loan Amount Total Loan Amount - This is the sum of both the outstanding balance and the additional funds you wish to raise. £ 0
Loan To Value (LTV) Loan To Value (LTV) - This is the ratio of the total loan amount to the property being used as security expressed as a percentage, after the remaining mortgage balance is added to the total loan amount. NAN %
Annual Interest Rate Annual Interest Rate - This is the amount of interest charged annually for the loan. 6.69 %
Broker Fees (10%) Broker Fees - This is the broker fee, which we charge at 5% of the total loan, and is capped at £1950. This is later used to calculate the Gross Loan amount. £ 0
Lender Fee Lender Fee - This is the fee charged by the lender and is added to the gross loan amount. £ 595
Gross Loan Amount Gross Loan Amount - This value is the sum of the total loan amount and the other fees mentioned above. This is the total value to be paid off. £ 595
Loan Options
Term Monthly
Total Payback
(if full term)
3 Years£ 18£ 658inf%
4 Years£ 14£ 6801053160392165318264354760874103840473534928100579412321911974512354280259893599981795340716773115884166105031554486344604393221608832280824385657427105636285921408619979889249583572767556139462986013123914484910270930111610407758104981340738207822913448167337244448746112083296256.0%
5 Years£ 12£ 70233022841572272043857229961205934962715301860002547555939551327382844236030261243918252322578838961640751242913840253048961961377643338435852781958082552690806186088330064206587715572253509122331287093919067374105638771621888.0%
6 Years£ 10£ 724inf%
7 Years£ 9£ 747inf%
8 Years£ 8£ 770354628003497844635593959787457902984411892018949707494349627687302358762821899867276962546744545827688300077660048478581423882473310443496176014579758486983261267378162707237393684431116836039159892946080011612081378645156397884406086653275839383548398382611765305706308240932864.0%
9 Years£ 7£ 79452449707421727506553687504925451992040299990948175271923032980757274580591431288867766475145686253170581893585189403988997291549199955330677763563089127224634474927721327982654935559187120176936824603746401891678864363499451307326563971173193875456.0%
10 Years£ 7£ 81811368485909469219214765706790016222739023874738407948355908772879665123478043928211952415697632026620124069174776123864999055812754605308846907455256937501368635037455609638336856817545706381648048948503184387635296390348800.0%
11 Years£ 6£ 842inf%
12 Years£ 6£ 867inf%
13 Years£ 6£ 892inf%
14 Years£ 5£ 918inf%
15 Years£ 5£ 944132074216563817708948618687513954043245727112313539634576040826438591564200522560273510881696820150518851725562207409899381569974420179448279010567249075291463080690245446725591284554957418772400531632220247990155264932786729008600466871969954052001285723493522235922888738859907428294158282915840.0%
16 Years£ 5£ 97141678288762210864456669500611668414977242743595645281667062674935644340458869201441373213781906789926781826052795395500894183629029407918476139399065976548972217978020009233220840198710603241861361050276775291024016124173256289569953742787888505079404064895515572006934844276736.0%
17 Years£ 5£ 9981977349172835961042910510454764462460172384711468194641493259093793852153130074782217586835752208471926181800542935640837516154405034630423447832147156174622553286737068856100954781196056223105473369682976133920846429819367715060183797690237316655498013077143552.0%
18 Years£ 5£ 1,0256098290533753470210998346546203851274945364807303049366415876974407315317565383346169555862397907381272991535726366068831390469352591390817551220937463822756979550803059588668784205696713041714544669527872795262822371278239344971500014169600557056.0%
19 Years£ 5£ 1,053633066377609774760313513850235667864637951734338197013049469499699297595200292641988780998794932759009124829518608861738107896104548916962489596594251575383780128837947723956151833695650361623724602770478717443077435441428989353132032.0%
20 Years£ 5£ 1,0811305406851140606517338643768839412631343939811371055814435337540066648793975697701992176747314483981107159714594181363169673390407758715193891394776556339838099603862634355628644388353757715782229223296621826112157063839744.0%
21 Years£ 4£ 1,109inf%
22 Years£ 4£ 1,138inf%
23 Years£ 4£ 1,167inf%
24 Years£ 4£ 1,197inf%
25 Years£ 4£ 1,227inf%

The minimum you can borrow is £5,000

Please update the amount you wish to borrow.

The figures generated are a guide only and should not be relied upon as an accurate quote.

Consolidation Loan Calculator

Use our easy to use consolidation loan calculator to list credit items you are thinking of clearing along with how much you pay per month on each one.

Add and remove items to see how much you are currently paying and how much you could reduce your monthly outgoings by.

You can also add in any extra funds that you may want to raise for home improvements, or any other purpose.

Why use us?

We only have very experienced, expert loan advisors

“Our experienced advisors will take the time to fully understand your requirements along with your own individual circumstances. Then taking into consideration many factors such as your income, equity available in your home, age, credit history, lender’s underwriting and available loan plan, will provide you with details of the best loan options available.”

“Experience of the different lenders is so important. Computer systems and AI just can’t offer this!”

Consolidation Loans

Combine all your monthly outgoings into one lower and more convenient monthly repayment!

Consolidation loans can be used to clear:

A consolidation loan can reduce your monthly repayments by replacing your existing finance facilities with one that:

  1. Has a lower interest rate
  2. Has a longer repayment term, spreading your repayments over a longer term

In addition to consolidating debts, you may also be able to raise funds for other uses.

For example: Consolidation and home improvements is the most popular use of a secured loan.

Some recent examples of consolidation loans:

Example 1

Cleared £128,000 of credit commitments and debts.
Monthly outgoings reduced by £981 per month

Example 2

Cleared £70,500 of credit commitments.
Monthly outgoings reduced by £863 per month

Example 3

Cleared £121,000 of credit commitments and debts.
Monthly outgoings reduced by £636 per month


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We take the hassle away from you, allowing you to relax, whilst our experts put your loan in place.

We have partnered with the best lenders in the UK. In addition to excellent service levels, knowledge and experience, we also have access to the best rates available for secured and unsecured loans.

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Secured Loan Representative Example: If you borrow £15,000 over 10 years at an annual interest rate of 8.83% you would make 120 payments of £213.72 per month. The total amount repayable will be £25,647.00 (This includes a lender fee of £595 and a broker fee of £1,500 which have been added to the loan). Total charge for credit will be £10,647.00.

Overall cost for comparison is 11.83% APRC representative.

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